"Travel is discovering new places, cultures and people."

Photography is where I find the serenity, tranquility and space for reflection, it serves as a round-trip ticket, each image has the ability to put feelings captured in the world of experiences and immortalize. I collect memories of this world, emotions I felt at that moment.


Born in Lisbon | Moved to the West coast | Childhood | Start enjoying photography | Bought my first SLR | Loved it | Decide to learn more | Went to a 2 years photographic course | Got more in love | Discovered Ansel Adams work | Made me love landscape photography | Worked in a magazine | Shooting and developing my one BW rolls | Discover reversal film (slides) | Have more than 2000 rolls of BW and Slide film | Took another course of studio photography | Started working at a bar to pay my trips | Went to Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Tunisia, Barcelona, South coast of Spain and Azores | Started work as a designer/photographer | Bought my first DSLR | Discover long exposure | More love | Bought my first ND filter | It changed my world | Discover night photography | Awesome | Started my “Night Dreams” project | Made my website | Living with my wife and 3 cats | Love them all | Went to London, Paris, Munich, Bavaria, Madrid, Barcelona (again) and Provence | Start being sponsored by LEE Filters | Traveled to Iceland, Madeira, Holland and Spain | There is a lot more places to discover!

⬅️ Me with my new friend in Iceland!

What was i shooting in the head picture?