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December 7, 2018

Diamond beach, Iceland, 2017

It’s hard to know what to say on your first post, where to start? So decided to begin at the basic, sharing with you a little resume of my live, so you could know a little more the person behind the camara.


Lisboa, Portugal, 2017


Born in Lisbon | Moved to Portugal West coast | Childhood | Start enjoying photography | Bought my first SLR | Loved it | Decide to learn more | Went to a 2 years photographic course | Got more in love | Worked in a magazine | Shooting and developing my one BW rolls | Discover reversal film (slides) | Have more than 2000 rolls of BW and Slide film | Took another course of studio photography | Started working at a bar to pay my trips | Went to Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Tunisia, Barcelona, South coast of Spain and Azores | Started work as a designer/photographer | Bought my first DSLR | Discover long exposure | More love | Bought my first ND filter | It changed my world | Discover night photography | Awesome | Started my “Night Dreams” project | Made my website | Living with my wife and 3 cats | Love them all | Went to London, Paris, Munich, Bavaria, Madrid, Barcelona (again) and Provence | Start being sponsored by LEE Filters | 2017 Traveled to provence, Iceland and Madeira | In 2018 went to Holland and Spain | Made my first blog post

Valensole Plateau, France, 2017

Hope you all got to know a little more about me, see you on the next post!

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